Monday, 14 July 2008

To quickly kill some time

What do you do if you need the computer from your boyfriend, who isn’t home right now, and you don’t have an account on said laptop? You write a blog entry, containing a few updates and why you need that thing so desperately.
As I mentioned earlier, my family is here. My dad just took one 2 GB memory card with him, which was a mistake. So I have it now to get those pics off and burn it on DVD afterwards (use number 2). My computer doesn’t really like that SD card. While Windows only reads half of it, Mac doesn’t like it AT ALL. So that’s where use number 1 comes in. I need the Intel based Mac machine to get at least half of the pictures from that card. It is 12 minutes past 10. I am tired, because we went around London all day and I’m cold (have I mentioned that it is July?).
I took some awesome pictures of squirrels today, with said camera and I was keen on uploading a few. We fed them some chips in Greenwich Park and tried to ignore the fat pigeons. So that was fun! I don’t like my digital camera anymore, that’s why there won’t be much pics to post (camera phone pics anyone?). I’ll do my best to pimp the camera phone pics somehow. Since America I don’t like my own camera anymore. So I need a job quickly, to allow myself a new camera.
I’m pulling the pics from my mobile phone and I’ll post a taster of those squirrels.

It’s impossible to pimp those pics!

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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The unbearable lightness of being unemployed

As the weather is not inviting at all to do ... stuff, I might as well write another rant about my situation here. I got a few invitations for interviews in Austria waiting for me. And I am so grateful, one can’t imagine! It really seems a slightly bit easier to get work after a few years of experience in your pocket. It might sound presumptuous, but maybe the UK thing did help as well. But I won’t wait until the money really comes in to get a nice flat in Vienna. This task might be a bit harder though, with us still being abroad. Those estate agents with their commission are not making it easier! I hate you! I won’t pay three monthly rents just because of your smart dress. There were voices out there to change that, and there did actually happen something but nothing big, because they are all complaining. Oh, come on!
What else? I am waiting for a few pounds from the UK (tax refund), the council (Council Tax) and the water company (thanks again for non-metered water!).
My family (parents and sister) is coming on Friday. We will explore London and hopefully Brighton. I haven’t been to Greenwich yet. So please! Rain! GO AWAY!
On Saturday is The Big Dance 2008 on Trafalgar Square. If you are in London either come and see or come and dance! There are still around 400 places left. I would’ve liked to do more during this event, but the weather was oh so disgusting. I guess we’ll have to turn on the heating again. I much rather spend the day in bed, sleeping. Brrrr.
Ah and for the record! Our flight home is on the 30 July. I am planning to be in Vienna the week after (4 August), to do a few interviews and hopefully look at a few flats as well. I am afraid it is time for me to get a Wiener Linien annual travelcard. Ah the fun of a new beginning! No! Honestly! I like it.

The Willow Tea Rooms, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Let’s have some tea for my cold toes.

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Monday, 16 June 2008

Hello party people, it's me again

Oh yes, it's been a while and so much happened! Oh my!
Ah short, really short recap about the US of A. I post the route and the activities we did, if I can remember correctly.

arrival on JFK
cab to Secaucus, New Jersey
stay at the Holiday Inn

gulp down the breakfast
meet J (our awesome tour guide/driver/papa J)
drive to Lake Placid, New York
visit the Lake Placid Olympic Center
set camp

mini golf

left campground no 1 (Rollins Pond)
drive to Vermont
ferry over Lake Champlain
first WalMart visit
Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory visit
set camp (Smugglers Notch)
small hike to Sterling Pond

left campground no2
Montpelier, Vermont (capital of Vermont)
small parade (Memorial Day)
set camp (Lafayette Place Campground,New Hampshire)
aerial tramway up Cannon Mountain

BIG hike, my personal Dakar (but after reading Race to Dakar, that hike was nothing compared to the Dakar), Franconia Ridge

left campground no 3
drive to Acadia National Park
WalMart no 2 (incl iPod, Dunkin Donuts)
set camp (Bar Harbour, Maine, Baaaa Haaaaabaaaa)
sunset sail
lobster bake (minus the lobster for me)

up at 4 to watch the sunrise
pancake breakfast
sea kayaking
small walk near the coast
mini golf

left campground no 4
drive to Cape Cod, Massachusetts
set camp (Dune's Edge)

Provincetown, Massachusetts
whale watching
trying hard and taking medicine against the urge to throw up (boat trip to the whales)

left campground no 5
drive to New York City, New York
drop luggage at JFK
made a few stops at PoI (Places of Interest), such as Time Square, Wall Street ...
back to Holiday Inn in Secaucus, New Jersey
goodbye J!

with bus to New York City, New York
Empire State Building
Apple Store, 767 Fifth Avenue
Central Park
subway, airport train to JFK

arrival on VIE

And on 18 June we go for another 10 days trip around Scotland.
18/06-22/06 Edinburgh
22/06-25/06 Inverness
25/06-28/06 Glasgow

So far so good! Have a nice one. I hopefully will be done with uploading the Trek America pictures by the end of July : )

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