Saturday, 19 September 2009

Surge of emotion

That's what I felt on the way to the rehearsal for Tanz die Toleranz. It somehow got triggered by people looking at me. It was not good, but it wasn't bad either. It was beyond words.
Then I met people from the group and we went to the studio. And it was crowded, I wasn't able to dance. There was no way of concentrating on the movement, the body, my breathing. It was better after lunch. But ... it's complicated.
Maybe yesterday was too much. Three exciting things happening on one day are hard to handle! I hope I can elaborate on the past and the future and the present - in that order - some other time. My plan is to update more often.

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Anonymous girl said...

all this dancing sounds very exciting... and, studying? what? no more working ant for you? I love changes! please expand on all this as soon as you can. and love your blog and fill him with answers as much as possible, I am so very curious:)

20/9/09 5:46 PM  

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