Thursday, 31 July 2008

Keep it down

I’m back! And what a journey. I alone had 9 kg overweight on my checked bag, which is equal to 63 pounds less money in my pocket. I had to check one of my 2.5 hand luggage bags as well, which was oddly enough for free. In order to do that I had to repack on the airport and I had to wear one of my pretty warm coats, so I can take it with me. Thank you for air conditioning! (My toes seem to be in my way recently, outch.) In Vienna on my way to the train, some odd guy asked me where I got the suitcase from and how much it was. Mumbling like crazy and talking essentially zero content, it was a very dry conversation. And being on the feet since 10 hours didn’t help. My muscles were very weak, but don’t you dare think that somebody would help you! Muahahaha. Funny. NOT AT ALL. Rather complaining, why everything’s going so slowly. Ah people, you must love them. *Shudders*
Right now I am trying to avoid unpacking and just cleaned the other table in my room of stuff, which is not mine, in order to set up my computer. But I can’t find the other monitor and maybe it is useless anyway, as I already could move in in Vienna on Monday or Tuesday (theoretically).
I won’t get jobseeker’s allowance, because I am 16 workdays short to be entitled. But there’s something else, and if you get this other thing you have to go to the basement. I imagine that there are sitting the mean guys and upstairs are the nice ladies, who will only advise you if you get jobseeker’s allowance. I am really counting on those interviews next week. Fingers crossed!
Oh, and is it possible to get keyboards with an english layout in Austria?
Update: Yes, for Apple keyboards, this is the case. Hmmm....

This one is from my mobile phone again. No postprocessing this time.
Maybe it could’ve used some, but I’m lazy.



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